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Who Is Cedar Creek?

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Cedar Creek Christian Fellowship (CCCF) was birthed out of revival meetings that took place in the area back in the 1930’s. The church was created out of a need to feed and nurture new believers with God’s Word. The founding members built a log church close to where many of them lived and farmed and that is where they met together for worship and fellowship. The church has been affiliated with the Apostolic Church of Pentecost (ACOP) since its inception.

Although the church is a part of the ACOP, our current congregation is diverse in that it draws people of many faith backgrounds as it is the only evangelical church in our community. All ages are represented in our congregation as well, with the largest group being families with younger children.


Cedar Creek Christian Fellowship is known as a generous congregation. The focus of that generosity has been on seeing lives changed in God’s Kingdom. Though we have a small congregation, CCCF has supported many missionaries overseas, it has been a part of drilling water wells in Kenya, it has built a home for a widow, it has financially supported several summer camps, a youth center and a woman’s shelter as well as many other service projects in our communities. Our congregation is known for making people feel welcomed and at home. 


CCCF meets together to learn and grow in Christ and then to extend grace and hope in our communities. In addition to our Sunday morning service, we offer a community-coffee outreach on Wednesday mornings, a women’s bible study, a youth group, and Sunday school classes for children during the Sunday service. Our youngest class will continue walking through the Old and New Testament and our elementary class is working through Jesus' Parables.  Right now with so many young children, we highly value the importance of teaching them how to read the bible and to present them with the entire message of the Gospel.  Our congregation desires to look for opportunities to meet needs in our community through service and giving.

Our Community

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The Dapp and Jarvie communities are located in the middle of rich and fertile farmland. The communities were founded over a hundred years ago by hard-working, family-minded people that were drawn to the area’s beauty. Poplars, pines and the winding Pembina River created an idyllic setting to settle and carve out a life based on agriculture. 

The people that live and work in this area are kind and community-focused. They are welcoming and warm; whether gathering over a potluck dinner or coming together for a game of softball, people enjoy being together and socializing. Here is a list of current community activities and events that are hosted in our area: Pancake Breakfasts, Farmer’s Market, Canada Day Parade, Children & Adult Softball, Taekwondo, Curling, Pickle Ball, Community-wide Good Friday Services, Hockey, 4-H Clubs, Summer Library Reading Programs, Bible Camp, and Community-Bussed Summer Swimming Lessons.  


The communities of Flatbush, Fawcett, Jarvie, and Dapp have come together because of the amalgamation of their kindergarten to grade nine schools.  There is now only one single K-9 school for all of these communities and it is located in Dapp, sixteen kilometres away from our church. The merging of these schools and communities has brought with it both challenges and opportunities for growth and change. It has also presented the opportunity for these communities to work together to create strong bonds and a great place for children to learn and grow.  Grade 10 to 12 students attend the High School in Westlock which is our closest full-serviced town.  There is another K-9 school twenty-four kilometres west of our church called Neerlandia Public Christian School.


The community comes together often to help and support people in need through fundraisers and other projects. People help one another, building a sense of togetherness and generosity. Most people know and trust their neighbors and feel that our community is an ideal place to raise a family.

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